Trends and B-List Holidays: Tips for 2016

We’re kicking off 2016 with some light reading to get you in the mood for a year of prolific emailing. The below are a few articles covering email trends and tips for planning your program for the year ahead. (Articles linked in the headers.)

The rebirth of email!
Experts are expecting a surge in permission-based marketing – a fancy way of describing email marketing – with the decline in message exposure to consumers via other channels. (In other words, it’s harder to get your point across via means other than email.) Chad White, research director for Litmus, gives his top five predictions for how email will re-emerge as the go-to resource for marketers in 2016. It’s a great read for those who need to make the case for adding a line item for email marketing to their budget.

Trends in 2016
What to expect this year in email? This quick read covers popup boxes for list growth, increased viewing on mobile devices and the need for personalized messages.

Wearables and email marketing
Have you seen an Apple Watch out in the wild? Likely so – and it’s only going to become even more common to see them on the wrists of friends and colleagues since the market for wearable devices is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 35 percent over the next five years. With that in mind, this article covers what marketers need to know about these new devices as they pertain to email marketing.

B-list Holidays
When you’re planning your editorial calendar for the year, one way to surprise and delight your readers is by offering special deals on days that celebrate B-List holidays (compared to the biggies like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.). Salesforce’s Heidi Robbins penned a great blog post touting the benefits of incorporating these fun holidays into your email marketing program.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a productive year ahead!

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