Services Details

So what exactly do I mean by some of the services I offer? Here are more details.

Copy writing
Developing relevant content is at the top of every good email marketer’s to-do list. I work with clients to craft targeted messages for their permission-based email program.

Editorial calendar
I work with clients to develop an overview of what messages are being sent to their database. This includes mapping out a calendar of messages, by audience segment and message content.

Email design and coding
Putting the various moving parts of an email together so that your recipients can read and act upon it is critical. I help clients construct an email that won’t be lost on their audience. Contact us for design or coding prices.

List growth and hygiene
List hygiene can affect the deliverability of your campaign and reputation as a sender. I work with clients to organically develop a permission-based database and maintain an active list for future campaigns.

List segmentation and targeting
Rather than “spray and pray” or “batch and blast,” it’s best to send tailored messages based upon your contact’s interests and/or actions. I work with clients to develop a series of customized messages designed to send highly relevant content and increase response rates. This could also be considered “drip campaign” development.

Reporting and analysis
It can be beneficial to have a third-party review your metrics and give analysis of a campaign’s or program’s performance. I work with clients to review the metrics of their email program and give an analysis report for future planning.

Social media integration
Since your customers likely get their information from more than one source, why not expand your marketing efforts across multiple channels? I work with clients to integrate their email campaigns into their marketing efforts on Facebook and/or Twitter. Whether it be developing and using a Facebook page for your business or using Twitter, I work with clients to market their company across multiple channels.

Strategy and implementation
I work with clients to analyze their email marketing program and develop actionable strategies to implement that are in line with their business objectives. Be it for an agency whose client is interested in expanding their use of email marketing or a business owner who wants to make better use of the channel, I work with them to analyze their database and campaign results to assemble a well-defined roadmap.

Total program management
When companies want to use email as a marketing tool but don’t have the need or resources for a full-time, in-house employee, I serve as their email marketing manager. In this capacity I work with their marketing team to integrate email into the marketing mix and manage the email program.

Need help using an ESP? I’m a MailChimp expert, but also have familiarity with Silverpop, ExactTarget and Constant Contact and train clients on these platforms. If it’s general email marketing advice and counsel you need, I offer that as well.