What exactly can I Send Your Email do for clients?

I Send Your Email is here to provide as much or as little help as needed. From program strategy to email design and copy writing to production, testing, deployment, reporting and analysis, I understand each phase of a campaign’s cycle. Whether you need to get a program up and running or have one that you don’t have time to manage, I can help in either case.

briefcasebwProgram management:
I Send Your Email can be your partner as email marketing manager who looks after all aspects of your email campaigns. Think of us as a member of your team who isn’t on your full-time payroll. 

pallettebwEmail design and production:
We are pros at assembling an email that will represent your brand while adapting to the environment in which it’s viewed. We can design and code an email that will resonate with your audience and render properly when opened without affecting its deliverability. 
pencilEmail copy writing:
My background is in journalism and marketing. I know how to draft succinct, informative copy and that captures the limited attention of your audience and compels them to take your desired action.
chartReporting and analysis:
I go beyond basic metrics to tell the story about who’s opening your
campaigns and what is most engaging to them.
magglassStrategic program audits:
From re-engagement strategies for lapsed subscribers to overarching analysis of a program’s history, I take a look at performance over time to give insights for short-term and long-term benefit.
Deliverability analysis:
Want to be sure your message is reaching your recipients’ inbox? Our experts have deep industry experience and give insight into whether or
not your message is reaching its intended destination.

phoneDon’t see anything that fits what you want to do? Fill out my contact form with more information and we can talk further. If I Send Your Email isn’t a fit for your project, I may be able to refer you to another resource.