How can I Send Your Email help me?
I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. My response is usually “What do you need?”, which I’d prefer be answered in a phone discussion about your interests and goals. This allows me to create a tailored proposal for each client.

What exactly can I Send Your Email do for clients?
I Send Your Email can provide as much or as little help as needed. How much of my help that’s needed varies from client to client. Need to get a program up and running? Or do you have a program that you just don’t have time to manage? I can help in either case. Some clients just need a template designed that they can use on their own to reach their clients. That’s another service I offer.

Here’s a list of sample projects with past and current clients, which may or may not give you an idea of I can help you:

  • Designed an email template for an online retailer to use on recurring basis.
  • Managed the production and distribution of a Fortune 100 company’s monthly newsletter to 6 million recipients with dynamic content for multiple segments.
  • Launched an email newsletter program for a manufacturer of truck bed liners and aftermarket truck accessories. Now that the program is up and running, I’ve written the content for their newsletters and designed the templates and monitored campaign performance on an on-going basis.
  • Designed a template, including promotional copy, for a dinner club for singles, which increased monthly membership by 10 percent.
  • Integrated an ESP into an e-commerce site and developed newsletter and RSS-to-email templates. This included uploading a client list into the ESP, developing a preference center and creating a mechanism for the e-commerce site to sync with the ESP.
  • Developed a social media strategy for a broadcaster of high school sports to use Facebook and Twitter to increase broadcast viewership.

Don’t see anything that fits what you want to do? Fill out my contact form with more information and we can talk further. If I Send Your Email isn’t a fit for your project, I may be able to refer you to another resource.

Who is the ideal client for I Send Your Email?
I work with companies of all sizes. The common elements are a database of permission-based* contacts and a desire to follow best practices to use email as a marketing tool. I don’t sell lists and I don’t broker in them either. If you don’t have a list, I can help you with list-growth tactics to get your program started.

* – Permission-based means you have a relationship with these people. If they’re clients, or of a similar nature, and haven’t expressly said “I want to get your marketing emails!” the first step would be to send an introductory note to invite them to join your email marketing program.

What are I Send Your Email’s fees?
Fees vary by the scope of the project, but I can bill on an hourly, fixed fee or retainer basis. As mentioned above, no two projects are exactly the same, so it’s hard to offer a la carte menu pricing. Please contact me to discuss pricing.

Want to see samples of my work?
Want to see some examples of my past work? If so, please fill out my contact form and I’d be happy to share a link to my samples page with you.

Who’s on the I Send Your Email team?
Sandi Solow does all the heavy lifting of content strategy, message writing and template design, but will bring an HTML coder and graphic designer into the mix when necessary.