One Year Later

I recently passed the one-year anniversary of my first blog post. I had every intention of posting something on the very day of my anniversary (which will go unmentioned here so as to avoid calling attention to exactly how overdue I am). But before I knew it, the day passed, and so did a week or two before I was able to begin this entry.

I started this blog with the intention of calling out marketing campaigns or practices for their successful (or unsuccessful) attempts at cutting through the marketplace clutter. But part of the reason for my falling behind in marking my anniversary may be that I became a victim of the very clutter I intended to take aim at – everyday life and an overload of information that I am trying to process.

In my first post I mentioned a conversation that I had with a friend about Barack Obama. This was way before he launched his presidential campaign and Obama Girl became a YouTube sensation. (That video cracks me up.)

So, I checked back with her to see if she had a better idea of who Obama is on year later. Here’s what she had to say (syntax is all hers):

barack obama is a democratic presidential hopeful and is a senator from chicago. (i think) he wants to pay teachers more, so he’s peaked my interest!! i still get most of my news from the internet on my yahoo page, and will scan on occasion. i am a people magazine junkie, but that doesn’t really qualify as news. other than that, i’ll hear important things by word of mouth.

I’ll continue to post my thoughts on the marketplace, so long as my personal clutter doesn’t get in the way. But, I am not going to limit myself to just what marketers do – I plan to address all the different channel consumers use.

Facebook’s recent announcement has me thinking. Another post for another day, I suppose.

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