Now is the time for an email program audit

What is an email program audit? That’s my term for describing the process of reviewing your email marketing campaigns from your program’s recent history and analyzing them for what worked and what did not. An email program audit will tell you what you need to adjust for some quick wins that will pay off over time and generate long-term success.

Worried that you might need a CPA for this? Fear not. If you do anything, it would be to contact a Chief Performance Analyst. This would be someone from outside your immediate circle who can objectively evaluate your campaigns and give feedback.

Here’s what should be reviewed:
1. A history of your open rates over time and ask yourself these questions:
• Did you notice any significant changes?
• Are there any trends?
• What are the differences between the group of recipients who opened and those who did not?
2. Subject lines:
• Was the same subject line used each time or did you change it each time?
• If new subject lines were used each time, how we’re they composed? (Often times, the subject line is almost an afterthought.) It is important to note if the subject line reflects a discount or is topical or gives a sense or urgency.
3. Click rates: It is important to note what information is being clicked in your emails (and just as importantly, what’s not)
• Do you notice any trends over time of the types of information that is being clicked on by your recipients?

That is just a tip of the iceberg of what can be done in an email program audit. This is an opportunity for you to stop, evaluate your metrics, and determine how you want to proceed moving forward.

With the recent April 15 tax deadline behind you, now is the time to shift your focus to an evaluation of your email marketing program. If not now, I encourage you to do so soon, as it’s wise to take periodic assessments of your program. This will keep it relevant and productive as a source of revenue over the long haul.

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