Making a personal connection… one buyer at a time

Well lookie here – a cluttered marketplace reference! I’ve found Seth Godin’s blog to be enjoyable and very informative. His advocating the use of data mining to analyze other habits of a product’s target audience dovetails with my last post nicely – anyone who wants to reach my friend who limits her TV watching to Sesame Street (her activities mirrors the interests of her two kids) would be wise to look beyond basic demographic data (sex, age, marital status) for targeting her with messages and look to her behavioral patterns.

I also wanted to throw a shout out to my friend and fantasy football opponent Dan Goldgeier’s blog posting over the weekend. An ad campaign, when done effectively (in my humble opinion), can do wonders for a company, but a consumer sharing a positive retail experience with another can do so much more. I’ve heard of B to B and B to C, but why no C to C? Or is that just WOMMA?

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