Quick Update to an Old Post

In the not so distant past, I wrote about a creative website for an Atlanta agency, WestWayne. As one commenter pointed out, the agency was in the midst of a name change. They’ve rebranded themselves as 22 Squared. The name comes from the idea that, on average, people have 484 friends over the course of a lifetime. Take the square of 484 and you get 22.

The agency’s PR person emailed me to say they’ve “taken the ‘consumer as friend’ model” and run with it. I guess it’s an interesting idea. On the surface I think it might be tough to pitch that for B-to-B work, but those types of exchanges are driven by networking and having the right relationships, so it might work. This is their new website. It’s full of flashy goodness, but I’m a text gal and wish they had a better explanation (other than the voice-over which I missed the first time since my computer speakers were off) for the thought behind the name. I found myself thinking, “OK, that’s great. But how does this relate to me?” as if I were a client. The press release I was sent mentioned some research they did to quantify the strength, stage and type of friendships between brands and individuals, but I didn’t see that anywhere on the site.

So, that’s the update of my earlier post. Now back to my regularly-scheduled commentary on marketing clutter. More to come on that soon.

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