Quantifying the clutter

When I created this blog, I had information such as this in mind:

“As consumers, we see over 3,156 images a day. We’re just not conscious of them,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of the consumer research firm NPD Group. “Our subconscious records maybe 150, and only 30 or so reach our conscious behavior. If I have a celebrity as part of that message, I just accelerated the potential for my product to reach the conscious of the consumer.”

That quote is found in a NY Times article about the power of celebrity and how some brands can enhance their message’s relevancy by using celebrities to hawk their products.

It illustrates the competition marketers have for consumers’ attention and the importance of using smart methods to cut through the clutter.  But “smart” doesn’t always have to mean using a celebrity.  It just happened to have helped in the cases cited in that article.

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