Don’t discount a 140-character message

We’ve been away far too long from this blog, but out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. It was the holidays, New Year, yada yada

Anyway, I found an interesting gem as one of the links of the day on Micropersuasion. A NY Times story on how some media outlets are using Twitter to microblog from the presidential campaign trail.

It’s worth a read.  But ever since reading the story, I’ve been thinking about the comment below from Josh Tyrangiel, the managing editor of, whose site is promoting its reporter’s Twitter and Flickr feeds from the campaign trail. Is a 140-character limit really the best way for someone to follow the presidential race?

“If you tell people how to consume their content, they will ignore you,” he said, a truism that experience had taught new-media executives. “Let people do what they want to do and try to be in their circle of choice.”

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