MyEmma Consultant

MyEmma ConsultantIf you’re looking for a MyEmma consultant, you’ve come to the right place. I Send Your Email is an expert at helping clients use MyEmma as an email software provider to send their email campaigns.

How can we help you? These are just a few of the ways we’ve worked with clients who were/are already MyEmma customers or were thinking of making the switch:

  • Transfer your program to MyEmma from another platform.
  • Develop a mailing template for use on a recurring basis.
  • Comparing MyEmma to other email software platforms for a company in need of a new provider.
  • Modifying a template to implement social sharing options.
  • Adding mailing lists and developing email templates for a company new to MyEmma (and email marketing)

The above are just a few ways I’ve worked with clients to make the most of their MyEmma experience. Don’t see something that fits your needs in that list? Here’s more about how I Send Your Email helps its clients.

Please contact me for a tailored quote about I Send Your Email can help you.