Email marketing round-up: Gmail, list growth and more

gmail-conversion-testingHappy November!

How is it already late fall?! Time flies!

For this blog post, I’m going to do a round-up of industry-related articles about email marketing than may (or should) be of interest.

Not too long ago I wrote about Gmail’s new tabbed inbox. My point was to emphasize that relevant content will win out over the grouped filing of promotional messages in Gmail’s Promotions tab. Worried that no one will see your messages? Fear not. This WSJ article “That Dreaded Gmail Promotions Tab Isn’t So Dreadful” should alleviate your fears about this new inbox format.

List growth
There’s a difference between acquisition tactics that are effective and those that are perceived as being such. This MarketingProfs article, “The Most Effective Tactics for Acquiring Email Subscribers,” features the highlights of an ExactTarget study on this topic. If you’re looking for new ways to add to your subscriber list, this chart is worth reviewing.

Mobile usage
Jordie van Rijn of emailMonday has a boatload of interesting facts and statistics about how email recipients are interacting with messages on their mobile devices. Did you know more people use their smart phones to read email than make phone calls? You would know this, and many other good-to-know statistics if you read his blog.

What to do after the holidays?
By now you should be past planning your marketing campaigns for the winter holidays and deep into carrying them out. But what to do come January? This blog post gives “3 Ways To Follow Up After Your Holiday Campaign” to maintain engagement with your Facebook page. Be sure to read about Custom Audiences for taking your offline audience online on Facebook.

What are your plans for your holiday campaigns? Are you trying something new or doubling down on past successes?

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