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X Doesn’t Always Mark the Age

Penelope Trunk had an interesting post yesterday about generational ID’s.  You may think you’re a Baby Boomer or in Generation Y just because of the year you were born in.  But, how about identifying with a generation by how they use various forms of media?  Check out the test she put together and see if you’re really acting […]

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NCAA Regains its Senses

After a reporter was ejected last week for live-blogging during the College World Series, the NCAA eased up a bit and now permits live updates are OK, as long as what’s posted is limited to the score and time remaining in the game/match/whatever. Here’s the update and thanks to Joel Price for the tip. Nice to see that […]

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SMC Meet-up does Alpharetta

Today I went to the Social Media for PR professionals lunch that Sherry Heyl organized through Thanks for organizing it! Grayson Daughters led an interesting discussion, but I think some of the folks there needed a 101 lesson in the tools that were discussed before they could even think of applying them to their […]

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About bats, balls and blogs

On Sunday, June 10, Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Brian Bennett was kicked out of the press box at the NCAA Baseball Super Regional for live-blogging during the University of Louisville’s 20-2 win over Oklahoma State en route to the College World Series. What led to Bennett’s ouster? Here’s how Josh Centor from the Double A Zone […]

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This pep rally sponsored by…

I’m a day late, but there was a good article in yesterday’s New York Times about how marketers are targeting the population of high school athletes, which to my surprise, is 7.2 million strong. As a former high school athlete, this story is of great personal interest to me. My take-away from this story is […]

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